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Looking for a revolution...

If you have stumbled upon this website by accident somehow, maybe start by reading the disclaimer. will attempt to document a way to reorganize human society over a span of several generations. A first version will be released sometime between 2025 and 2030. Further updates and live events will be considered beyond that date.

Innocuous Guillotines Demands

Primarily, for people to have sufficient resources to own what they utilize for their work, enabling them to collaborate voluntarily to support their community without the need for concentrated wealth. In other words: the world should be less dependent on an inequal distribution of means without losing access to the benefits provided by a modern life.

How do we achieve this? In short: by eliminating useless labor in the broadest sense of the word. By re-evaluating the concept of financial transactions and the idea behind (inter)national currencies. And by engaging global society in the idea of maintaining a society that avoids creating centers of power, be they corporate or political in nature. believes it is imperative to reduce the influence of globally centralized media and global political power centers such as Washington, Brussels, Moscow, Beijing and others. But also to reduce the importance of centralized finances and production within nations. To reduce the amount of factories and increase the amount of workshops. To eliminate the need for data centers, offices and flats by replacing them with home computer servers, personal labs, homesteads, and community centers.