❘ Coming after 2025

Looking for a revolution...

I swear I'll run away from every home I ever have
So I'll build a new house in every town I pass
Maybe then I won't always feel lost and trapped
When I was growing up, I was the smartest kid I knew
Maybe that was just because I didn't know that many kids
All I know is now I feel the opposite

We're building a new world, all of my friends and me
It's not an exact science yet, but we have the technology
Now all we need is an economy
Where everybody finally will get enough to eat
Even the suburbs know power's getting too crooked
To stand on its own feet for much longer than it has
So I don't want to kill a cop
What I want is neighborhoods where they don't have to get called
When the shit goes down
'Cause our friends, they are enough, and our neighbors have enough
Finally we're enough

Fuck the law 'cause we're enough
Fuck the boss 'cause we're enough
Fuck Microsoft 'cause we're enough
Fuck owning stocks 'cause we're enough
Quit what you don't love 'cause we're enough
Live as you make it up 'cause we're enough
You'll never go without 'cause we're enough
We'll buy a house 'cause we're enough
We'll grow some food 'cause we're enough
We'll slam some dunks 'cause we're enough
Don't be afraid 'cause we're enough
You'll always be okay because we'll always be enough