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History lessons

Content pertaining to revolutions of times long past.

2020.04.05 — Mike Duncan↗Revolutions↗
A true-to-history-books chronological description of past revolutions in the English language. Includes Roman, French and Russian revolutions. Find hundreds of episodes of this 30 minute show in podcast apps by searching for "Revolutions."
2019.04.26 — Robert Wilde↗French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars↗
Numerous summations of various narratives and events surrounding the French Revolution. From peasant uprisings to elitist squabbling to fascist reactions and far-ranging consequences in Europe and the rest of the world.
2018.11.11 — Indiana Neidell↗The Great War Series↗
A comprehensive chronological true-to-history-books recounting of the Great War in the form of concise 15-minute videos. One for each week of the war.
2017.10.06 — James Corbett↗How Big Oil↗   World War One↗
Narrative-driven documentaries of the rise of oil multinationals (about 3 hours) and the lead-up to World War One (about 2 hours). Speaks about the aims and character of those who wield the greatest influence and power in society.

Old documents

Documents from times long past.

1958.01.01 — Rene A. Wormser↗Foundations, Their Power And Influence↗

Previous highlights

Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, an economist and politician from Sierra Leone, explains why "investment" from the West does not succeed in raising up Africa (26 May 2021, source↗).

The Dalai Lama on refugees from conflict zones: provide shelter, train & educate, and return their home country to rebuild (17 September 2018, source↗).

Ghana's Akufo-Addo speaks on Africa, migration, and charity in a way that opposes the mainstream western political thought patterns (5 December 2017, source↗).