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2021, June 20th

I'm just attempting to get things organized. It's a struggle to get anything done. Ik wou dat iedereen gewoon elke taal sprak. Dann könnte ich vielleicht leichter kommunizieren. Mais hélas, ce n'est pas la façon dont le monde. Tal vez la tecnología como LibreTranslate↗ puede ayudar. Come possiamo essere una comunità, se non condividiamo una lingua? Cred că este clar că sunt în favoarea limbilor Europene. It is because I was born here.

Perhaps that is why I can empathize with the representatives of the European Union. It must be difficult to organize in such a complicated environment. But it's not just a matter of national languages that acts as a barrier between people. There's professional languages, such as that which medical personnel speaks, or the language of mechanics, or the legal speak from politicians and lawyers. Then there's various levels of economic class, each with their own language: upper class, middle class, poverty class.

But even that is not where it ends. There are countless of differences in speech between different people groups. Old and young. Capitalist and communist. Liberal and authoritarian. Progressive and conservative. Parents and non-parents. Man and woman. Perhaps this is why the famed linguist Noam Chomsky has shown so much capability in understanding perspectives that are relatively foreign to his own—a more comprehensive understanding of language gives more insight into the way people groups communicate between each other and with one another.

An example of two sides that are basically talking about the same things, yet using different words/descriptions based on their perspective (source↗).

Conservative Taliban in Afghanistan versus progressive Democrats in the USA (source↗).

Some say it all without a word
Silence can be mightier than the sword
Why run away to the circus
When the world is full of clowns